Fungi Fest is an all-day festival that will put a spotlight on the wonderful world of fungi.

Fungi are fundamental to life on earth. They inhabit the air, soil and water. They represent the cycle of life and death; through decomposing organic and synthetic matter such as dead roots and fruits, petroleum and metals - they spin our carbon cycle. Psychedelic strains have fostered spiritual journeys across cultures and time. Fungi have brought mystical elements to folklore, fairy tales and literature. They have been used for centuries in medicinal practices, they make our antibiotics, vitamins. Edible varieties have made their way into all culinary cultures. Simply, fungi challenge our understanding of ecology, systems, culture and consciousness.

Even though people and cultures all over the world have a relationship with fungi, they are rarely celebrated. The work that fungi does is so often left in the dark, its alien-like forms and complex behaviours often misunderstood or under-represented.

Fungi Fest is here to change that.

Fungi Fest will have an array of activities for everyone to engage in. There will be talks from specialists in various fields including scientists, foragers, designers, activists, entrepreneurs, and artists. There will be workshops such as wild mushroom identification, making medicinal mushroom broth and fermentation. Art installations will explore mushrooms and mycelial networks through sound, video and performance. Food vendors will serve mushroom dishes from a wide range of cultures. Market stalls will sell mushroom related products so you can continue your mycelial journey after the festival.
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