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Learn about fungi from astroherbalist, alchemist, forager and cook Mama Xanadu. Get introduced to mushroom essences, how they're made and how to do it yourself. Make and take an elixir using mushroom essences and cordials.

Vegetarian caterer in since 1980. He aims to impress as many taste buds as possible with international gourmet vegetarian food using healthy ingredients such as handpicked wild food, fresh fruit and vegetables and high quality whole foods. Learn about how to identify wild mushroom in the UK and recipes to cook with them.

Artist who works collaboratively with environments and people by gathering, editing and formulating what is already there. Explore and create through activities and interactions inspired by fungi.

Northern based consultancy and design studio that works primarily with mycelium as material for creating products including compostable homeware. Learn about how to collect tissue samples from fungi found in your local forest to create material and solid objects.

LEI ZHOU AN *Waitlist open
Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with 34 years of experience in natural health and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She comes from four generations of medical doctors. Learn about Reishi growing, how to identify good quality Reishi mushroom and how to brew it at home.

Independent organisation dedicated to promoting the small-scale production of fermented food and drink based in Walthamstow. Learn about brewing kombucha.

EMILY HUGHES *Waitlist open
Illustrator working in Hackney, originally from Hawaii. Specialising in Children’s books, she is recognised for books Wild and The Little Gardener along her other works with publishers Chronicle, Walker and Flying Eye Books. Learn how to make mushroom cyanotype prints. 

DARREN SPRINGER *Waitlist open
Keen mushroom grower, grass-roots researcher, Director of Ancient Future, Convenor of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings and curator at Earth Tone Arts. Learn how to grow your own gourmet mushrooms.

ELLIE DONEY *Waitlist open
Practice-based researcher and artist that explores food and transformation by experiments in cooking and eating with people across disciplines, to travel the borders between human and non-human matter. Learn to make medicinal mushroom broth and experiment with human fungi such as yeast.

NATHAN SMITH *Waitlist open
Mycologist, researcher and member of British Mycological Society. He specialises in fungal collections and history of fungal collectors. Hear interesting mushroom collector stories and explore the connections between poetry, form and fungus.

Team of medically trained herbalists who are passionate about sharing the lost, traditional knowledge and uses of herbs with others and the community through running workshops, walks and talks on herbal remedy making and botany. Learn where mushroom in medicine and food overlap, and how to use them for health, home and self-care.

RU KENYON *Waitlist open
Forager, member of the Forager’s Association, wild food teacher of London Wild Fruits. Learn about fungi in the wild and mushroom identification.

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